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Custom t shirt design Canada



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Custom t shirts Canada. Screen printing Canada and silk screening Canada for cheaper orders. Design your own t-shirt Canada for customization by you and for you. Personalized clothing Canada...use our FREE online design studio to create your own t-shirt or design your own custom clothing. It's both easy and free. Now featuring 25% off for screen printing Canada and silk screening Canada. Online coupon for custom screen printing and custom silk screening offer of 25% off is found HERE. Why order from the other guys who want more money from you for the same amount of work?

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Regina T Shirts is brought to you by Torchy's Sport Imaging,  a Canadian based business operating out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Your home for t shirt design Canada.


Design your own t-shirt Canada

  • Get your "custom tees" -  inexpensive custom t shirts, all reasonably priced!

  • Custom t-shirts in Canada ....your t shirt design then high quality t shirt printing by us!

  • Custom made clothing ...designed by YOU! 

  • Customized apparel ...designed by YOU! Check out our FREE, easy-to-use Online Design Studio

  • Screen printing and silk screen printing for bulk orders of cheap t shirts. The price is right!


  • Regina T Shirts of Canada enables you to design online t shirts, clothes & apparel. 

  • Customize it and express yourself! Right out of Canada. Custom t shirts & t shirt printing Regina.

  • Check out our FREE and easy to use Online Design Studio

  • Design with your own t shirt design online. Place an order & then expect some high quality t shirt printing from us. Screen printing, silk screening, digital printing, vector printing all offered.

  • Who wants to shop at a boring retail place and buy what everyone else is buying?

  • Regina T-Shirts helps you create your own custom t-shirts, your own custom clothing and your own custom apparel entirely online

  • Receive free online quotes to let you know how little it costs beforehand.

  • Regina T Shirts is Canada's #1 online resource for you to customize your t shirts and apparel.

  • Personalized apparel. Personalized t shirts. Make your own shirts online. Your home for custom tshirts in Canada - custom clothes Canada.

  • Ordering? Simple and easy. Design your custom t shirts and apparel online and place an order with us which is safe and secure. NO MINIMUMS too!

  • Shipping? "Regina tshirts" can have your custom t shirt design, custom clothes, and custom apparel shipped anywhere in Canada. 

  • Regina T Shirts offers you the lowest prices on custom t shirts and offers FREE SHIPPING in Canada on orders over $100.

  • All types of printing offered, from screen printing to silk screening to digitial and vector printing.

Do it yourself, do it easily, and most importantly, custom do it YOUR WAY! The Canada Way!

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Custom t-shirts in Canada, t shirt design Canada

Custom t-shirts Canada, based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina T Shirts is definitely YOUR home for custom t shirts in Canada. Regina T-Shirts in Canada empowers you to create your very own t shirt design, custom apparel, and custom clothing. We supply the t shirt printing for your online custom tshirts after you've completed your custom t shirt design in our easy to use Online Design Studio

Customized t shirt printing features screen printing in Canada & silkscreening ("silk screening") for suggestible bulk t-shirt orders. Less colours are utilized thus saving on cost and expenses for you. Great for ordering in larger quantities that are screen printing in Canada! Then there's vector and digital printing and digital graphics for more complex colouring. However you want it, we'll do it for your customized clothing & personalized t shirt needs. 

More detail found on our Services page on this website. 

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T-Shirts Canada

For the different types of custom apparel and clothing offered, along of course with custom t-shirts, please visit our easy to use and FREE Online Design Studio. Select "Products" and you'll see what Regina T-Shirts offers you via choice. We love custom t-shirts, but there are many other custom clothing apparel options for you if you so desire.

What types of custom t-shirts and customized clothing can you design and order out of Canada from Regina T-Shirts? Possible suggestions are:

  • One of a kind t shirts. These are entirely unique! Expect people to stop you and ask you, "Can I ask you where you get that t-shirt?"

  • Edgy t shirts. YOU get to decide how edgy you want to be. We'll help.

  • Pop culture t shirts. Express yourself via the pop culture route.

  • School t shirts.

  • Spirit wear t shirts.

  • Promotional t shirts. Ideal for promotional ideas. They become walking advertisements.

  • Team t shirts. For all your team needs. Custom fonts & custom numbering. 

  • Tailgate sporting t shirts.

  • Gag t shirts. Leave 'em laughing.

  • Funny t shirts. Hilarious t shirts. 

  • Cool t shirts.

  • Company t shirts.

  • Business t shirts.

  • Wedding party t shirts.

  • Club t shirts.

  • Novelty t shirts for you.

  • Vintage t shirts.

  • Design all of these t shirts online in our Online Design Studio!

  • Inexpensive t shirts, cheap t shirts - it's not as much as you think! Get FREE online quotes.

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T-shirt printing Canada, t-shirt design Canada

Regina T Shirts is proud to say we ship anywhere and everywhere in Canada. custom t shirts canada  

Regina T Shirts has t shirt printing done for happy customers in every major Canadian city & Canadian municipality; custom t shirt design has been done for residents in every major Canadian city. Here are some examples. There are many more.

Custom T Shirts Toronto T Shirt Printing Toronto T Shirt Design Toronto
Custom T Shirts Montreal T Shirt Printing Montreal T Shirt Design Montreal
Custom t shirts Canada. Screen printing Canada & silk screen printing Canada.
Custom T Shirts Calgary T Shirt Printing Calgary T Shirt Design Calgary
Custom T Shirts Ottawa  T Shirt Printing Ottawa  T Shirt Design Ottawa 
Custom T Shirts Edmonton  T Shirt Printing Edmonton  T Shirt Design Edmonton 
Custom T Shirts Mississauga T Shirt Printing Mississauga T Shirt Design Mississauga
Custom t shirts in Canada. Digital printing Canada & digital imaging Canada.
Custom T Shirts Winnipeg  T Shirt Printing Winnipeg  T Shirt Design Winnipeg 
Custom T Shirts Vancouver T Shirt Printing Vancouver T Shirt Design Vancouver
Custom T Shirts Brampton  T Shirt Printing Brampton  T Shirt Design Brampton 
Custom T Shirts Hamilton  T Shirt Printing Hamilton  T Shirt Design Hamilton 
The highest quality t shirt printing for every city & town in Canada. Customized by you & for you.
Custom T Shirts Quebec City T Shirt Printing Quebec City T Shirt Design Quebec City
Custom T Shirts Surrey  T Shirt Printing Surrey  T Shirt Design Surrey 
Custom T Shirts Laval T Shirt Printing Laval T Shirt Design Laval
Custom T Shirts Halifax T Shirt Printing Halifax T Shirt Design Halifax
Design your own shirt Canada. Design your own t-shirt Canada and be as creative as you want.
Custom T Shirts London T Shirt Printing London T Shirt Design London
Custom T Shirts Markham T Shirt Printing Markham T Shirt Design Markham
Custom T Shirts Vaughan  T Shirt Printing Vaughan  T Shirt Design Vaughan 
Custom T Shirts Gatineau T Shirt Printing Gatineau T Shirt Design Gatineau
Make your own funny t shirts Canada, make your own cool t shirts Canada... online design studio
Custom T Shirts Burnaby  T Shirt Printing Burnaby  T Shirt Design Burnaby 
Custom T Shirts Saskatoon T Shirt Printing Saskatoon T Shirt Design Saskatoon
Custom T Shirts Kitchener T Shirt Printing Kitchener T Shirt Design Kitchener
Custom T Shirts Windsor T Shirt Printing Windsor  T Shirt Design Windsor 
Screen printing Canada, silk screen printing Canada, digital printing Canada, vector printing Canada 
Custom T Shirts Regina  T Shirt Printing Regina  T Shirt Design Regina 
Custom T Shirts Victoria T Shirt Printing Victoria T Shirt Design Victoria
Custom T Shirts Richmond T Shirt Printing Richmond T Shirt Design Richmond
Custom T Shirts Richmond Hill T Shirt Printing Richmond Hill T Shirt Design Richmond Hill 
Online printing Canada, Canada shirt printing, Canada offset printing
Custom T Shirts Oakville T Shirt Printing Oakville T Shirt Design Oakville
Custom T Shirts Burlington  T Shirt Printing Burlington  T Shirt Design Burlington 
Custom T Shirts Sudbury T Shirt Printing Sudbury T Shirt Design Sudbury
Custom T Shirts Kelowna T Shirt Printing Kelowna T Shirt Design Kelowna
Print custom t shirts, custom shirts, custom hats, custom shoes, custom hoodies, custom jerseys  
Custom T Shirts Kamloops T Shirt Printing Kamloops T Shirt Design Kamloops
Custom T Shirts Penticton  T Shirt Printing Penticton  T Shirt Design Penticton 
Custom T Shirts Sherbrooke T Shirt Printing Sherbrooke T Shirt Design Sherbrooke
Custom T Shirts Oshawa T Shirt Printing Oshawa T Shirt Design Oshawa
Print custom sweatshirts, custom clothing, custom dress shirts, custom shirt, custom tshirt, t shirts
Custom T Shirts Saguenay T Shirt Printing Saguenay T Shirt Design Saguenay
Custom T Shirts Lévis T Shirt Printing Lévis T Shirt Design Lévis
Custom T Shirts Barrie T Shirt Printing Barrie T Shirt Design Barrie
Custom T Shirts Abbotsford T Shirt Printing Abbotsford T Shirt Design Abbotsford
Print custom clothing, custom dress shirts, custom dress shirts, embroidered shirts, t shirts
Custom T Shirts St. Catharines T Shirt Printing St. Catharines T Shirt Design St. Catharines
Custom T Shirts Trois-Rivières T Shirt Printing Trois-Rivières T Shirt Design Trois-Rivières
Custom T Shirts Cambridge T Shirt Printing Cambridge T Shirt Design Cambridge
Custom T Shirts Coquitlam T Shirt Printing Coquitlam T Shirt Design Coquitlam
Custom sweatshirts, custom clothing, custom dress shirts, custom shirt, custom tshirt, t shirts
Custom T Shirts Kingston T Shirt Printing Kingston T Shirt Design Kingston
Custom T Shirts Whitby T Shirt Printing Whitby T Shirt Design Whitby
Custom T Shirts Guelph T Shirt Printing Guelph T Shirt Design Guelph
Custom T Shirts Saanich T Shirt Printing Saanich T Shirt Design Saanich
Print Canada custom clothing and custom apparel......anything imprintable can be done in Canada
Custom T Shirts Ajax T Shirt Printing Ajax T Shirt Design Ajax
Custom T Shirts Thunder Bay T Shirt Printing Thunder Bay T Shirt Design Thunder Bay

We've done business all over Canada. Links to many of  these gorgeous Canadian cities & municipalities can be found here for your perusal & pleasure:

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Torchy's Sport Imaging in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada has a reputation for:

  • Quality work. High standards. Craftsmanship.

  • Great prices. Our prices are more than fair.

  • Fast shipping and a quick turnaround. For shipping orders, we do the job right and ship it off back to you as soon as is possible. Free shipping on orders over $100.

  • Work is done in house at our Torchy's Sport Imaging location.

  • Direct to customer pricing. NO middleman at Regina T Shirts, saving you money.

  • Saving you money - Screen printing & silk screen printing bulk orders welcome. 

  • Online designs, online t shirt design, online orders & mail orders are welcome at Regina T Shirts!

  • We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT.      

VISA  Mastercard  Debit card, pay with debit card

other noteworthy facts, regina t-shirts, canada t shirts, t shirts canada

Other noteworthy facts about Regina T-Shirts brought to you by Torchy's Sport Imaging of Canada: 

  • We are located in the heart of the historic warehouse district in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Torchy's is half a block north of Dewdney Avenue in Regina, Canada. Check out our Location Page for an online map to our place. Pop in and see us!

  • We have been in business since 2003. Stable. Reliable. 

  • Torchy's Sport Imaging is owned and operated by the former trainer and equipment manager for the Regina Pats of Canada based Western Hockey League, & former assistant equipment manager for the Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL professional football team.

  • An online article about how Torchy's functions and Torchy's Sport Imaging owner, Mark Simpson, is available from by clicking right HERE

  • Torchy's Sport Imaging is a family run business.

  • Regina T Shirts makes it all accessible and friendly. It is our goal at Torchy's to make it easy, simple, and inexpensive for you to design online your own custom t shirts, custom apparel, and custom clothing.

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